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23 July 2015
23 July 2015,

I am cruising down the highway and suddenly my sun is gone. A massive hauling truck is next to me and we all know what they say about truck drivers and I am scared, it is three times bigger than my car.

Safety Tips

Give truck drivers enough space

Maintain a safe following distance. You are invisible to the truck driver if you directly behind him or directly in front of him.

Avoid tailgating

Do not drive in a truck driver’s blind spot as trucks has bigger blind spots than passenger vehicles

Only pass the truck when you have enough space and time to do so and then only pass on the left side maintain a constant speed

If you need to turn, do not cross in front of a truck and brake, remember trucks takes three times longer as it needs more distance than your car to brake and do not turn in front of a truck if you need to stop or slow down

When driving near a truck do not turn on bright headlights

As a truck is passing you, reduce your speed to make it easier for the driver to pass you

If you stop behind a truck on an incline leave a safe distance in between as truck may drift backwards as it start accelerating

Never drive between two or more trucks as they can turn in front of you and that force into another vehicle

Road rage is problem, so remember that if you get irritated by a truck driver that he maybe had a long haul and his cargo carrier is bigger that your passenger car

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