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23 July 2015
23 July 2015,

Being involved in the community is very important to Skankane Transport simply because the community helped us to be the Transport Powerhouse we have become in the past 10 years.

The cricket outfits ready to play some great cricket

The cricket outfits ready to play some great cricket


We thought it well to get involved with Laerskool Laeveld’s first cricket team in 2014 through sponsorship of their training shirts, trousers and their sport bags.

The reveal of the 2014 sponsors as well as the branded clothing was held on Monday 14th July 2014 at Laerskool Laeveld with the team, their parents, coaches as well as the sponsors present.

What a proud moment for Skankane Transport when the coaches revealed the sponsors and the branded clothing for 2014. Everybody present was in awe of the Skankane Transport’s sponsorship and the superior quality of the branding.

The evening ended with some treats and coffee to keep away the winter cold.

We are really proud of being able to be associated with Laerskool Laeveld and wishing the first cricket team all the success for the upcoming season. The sponsorship was signed off with one condition: HAVE FUN AND ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!!!


A huge thank you to Skankane Transport’s Managing Members and co-owners Barthlo Du Plessis and Lazyja Steyn for investing in the children of Laerskool Laeveld.

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