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23 July 2015
23 July 2015,

Written by Dale Hes of My Lowveld

The world’s leading expert on chimpanzees will turn 80 on 3 April this year, and Chimp Eden sanctuary in Nelspruit- a product of the Jane Goodall Institute-will pay tribute to the matriarch in an unlikely fashion: with the launch of a special new pair of flip-flops.

Over the span of half a century, Dr Jane Goodall’s pioneering chimpanzee behavioural research has led to a wealth of scientific discovery and has touched the lives of millions of people around the globe.

“On April 3, we will launch the chimpanzee edition of Flops for Change, a Plastics SA initiative which has already been put in place for conservation efforts involving rhinos, sharks and elephants,” said Margi Brocklehurst, Managing Executive of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) South Africa.

In a limited edition celebration of Goodall’s birthday, the product will sell for approximately R 300 and is part of a worldwide drive to sell 80 000 flops. Per every pair sold, R 100 will be given to a JGI Roots and Shoots programme, an initiative which provides young people in 120 countries with the knowledge, tools and inspiration to improve the environment.

The flops will be available in sizes from kids small to adult extra-large, and each pair, fashioned with a picture of Goodall and a chimp, comes with its own individual number.

“This will be the first ever launch of the chimpanzee slops in South Africa,” said Brocklehurst, adding that a celebratory event on the corresponding weekend would be organised at Chimp Eden.

“We’re not sure what this will be yet, but we are also going to be selling bracelets and necklaces,” she said.

The initiative is part of Goodall’s efforts to turn her focus from chimpanzee research to the more philanthropic Roots and Shoots programme.

Lee Barker, founder of Flops for Change, said that the product was a fitting celebration of Goodall’s 80th birthday.

“This is a global initiative, but the flops are locally manufactured in order to create jobs. We are also partnering with selected non-profit organisations, so that they can benefit from the proceeds instead of corporate heavyweights,” Barker said.

Goodall, who visited Cape Town and Johannesburg in February, has personally endorsed the initiative.

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Skankane Transport picked up and delivered these “Flops for Change” for free as part of the Skankane Community involvement. The flip flops which is sold at Chimp Eden curios shop was delivered in good order and saved Chimp Eden the transportation costs. For more information about Skankane Transport community projects you can have a read on our website. If you want to view more about Chimp Eden visit their website, a big thank you to Dale Hes of My Lowveld for allowing us to share his article.

Skankane Transport is a transport company located in Nelspruit Mpumalanga that receives, delivers and transport products between Gauteng and Mpumalanga. For more information contact us or request a quote online.

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