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Skankane Transport support community involvement

We are very proud of everything  we have accomplished over the last 10 years. We are even more excited and passionate about the next 10 years. With continued support from our customers, partners, and team members we look forward to another decade of innovation and growth. With a lot of satisfied customers over the last decade, you can well imagine that it has taken a monumental team effort for Skankane to be where it is today. We have come a long way, and we are looking at reaching many more milestones and achievements. We continue to improve in every area of our business and our goal is always to anticipate our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. We would like to take this opportunity to also thank all of our dedicated personnel for helping us achieve this milestone. We pride ourselves in being one of the transportation companies  that are  built on people and great ideas. Needless to say, on our team, we have some of the brightest minds and talented team players that are a valued part of our success, even though many of them are working in the background.

Our current Community Projects

As one of the transport companies that enjoy the loyal support of our customers we strongly believe in giving back to and  supporting our local community by getting involved in local welfare organisations. We have identified organisations that do amazing work for our children, people in need  and animals in the Nelspruit and White River area such as :

– Huis Betlehem Nelspruit

– Huis Betlehem White River

– Radio Laeveld’s  “Op eie werf”

– Pro – Life

Except for raising funds by launching certain projects Skankane Transport company also offer our transportation services where we collect and deliver donated goods from the area to a designated address .These organisations have to do a lot with very little help.

On this page you are more than welcome to click on the organisation’s logo and read more about them and donate any goods or money to the attached bank accounts. Also use the Skankane Transport company blog page to leave any comments with regards to donations and fundraising events.




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